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Mystery Accessory Bundle

5 pieces for $15.  That's $3 a piece, instead of $12 a piece... WHAT??!?!?!?!?!?!

NO DISCOUNT CODES MAY BE APPLIED TO THESE BUNDLES.  (Should anyone use a discount code on these, they will be refunded for these bundles and the bundles canceled off their order).

Minimum package value of $60. 

Mystery accessories will be chosen appropriately based on gender and age, and will be beanies for boys and gender neutral; and beanies and headbands for girls.

    Please note, if you buy multiple bundles you may end up with some duplicate items.

    Small - fits 14" heads.  (Usually newborn up to 3 months old).
    Medium - fits 15-19" heads. (Usually 3+ months up to 18+ months old).
    Large - fits 20"+ heads. (Usually toddler through young child).

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