About Us

Hi! I am Sara, the owner of Trendy Bubs! 

Trendy Bubs was established in 2013 by my good friends, Karla and Emily.  I started sewing for them in 2014. Back then, my husband and I were squeezed into a little Los Angeles studio apartment. The tiny, 200sq ft space quickly filled with fabric, thread, and sewing machines. We lived in Los Angeles for about 10 years, and my sewing equipment moved around into different apartments - each one a teensy bit bigger. Then, in 2020, we made the cross-country move back home to Michigan. It was just the two of us back then, but now we’re a family of three in the upper peninsula. We do all the stereotypical things people like to do - hiking, baking, drinking good coffee, and obsessing over our baby. I love to indulge in episodes of Friends, The Bachelor, and Frasier - or just fall asleep on the couch while watching old black & white movies. 

I’m so grateful to Emily & Karla for what they’ve built and entrusted me with, and I’m so excited to keep the ethos of Trendy Bubs alive. I want to keep offering what people love about Trendy Bubs, along with introducing some new styles.

From the bottom of my heart, thank you all for your support over the years. I am really looking forward to creating more for all the little bubs in your lives!