About Us

Here at Trendy Bubs we believe that you don't have to sacrifice comfort for style when it comes to your kids' wardrobes! Our products are handmade in the USA. We carefully select our fabrics so your infants can feel soft and cozy while they snuggle up with you and your toddlers can do all the jumping and running they need without restriction. 

We are two mamas; Emily & Karla, who had our first babies 3 months apart in early 2013, and they were both perfect baby boys. After noticing that baby boy clothing in a lot of stores in the mall were all the same old, same old; we decided we would try our hand at making our boys leggings and harem pants using stripes and fun print and cozier fabrics that weren’t the typical blue trucks, cars, dinosaurs, or baseballs. With a world of other boy mamas on Instagram who also wanted to dress their little guys in hipster gear, Trendy Bubs was born.  We started selling both boy and girl print leggings, harem pants and slouchy hats on Instagram just after Thanksgiving, 2013 and what we thought was a little hobby became a full blown business in just a month! 

Neither of us worked in fashion or did much sewing before Trendy Bubs was born so the first two years we spent trying to keep up and learn with the rapid growth of a business that took off without a plan! Since then we have added 3 seamstresses to our team, and all kinds of items! We now make everything your babe's wardrobe needs except jeans and shoes! We are both so thankful to have the opportunity to be full time mamas, while creating fun pieces to add to your kiddos wardrobes.

Since those first days with only our little boys our families have grown quite a bit too! 
Karla had her second baby boy in December, 2014 and third baby boy in May, 2020.
Emily had a baby girl in March, 2015, and another baby girl in November, 2018.

Our husbands are both musicians & are the most supportive & awesome men on the planet. Karla & her family live in Nashville, Tennessee, and Emily & her family live in Shelby Twp, Michigan.  

Emily, Jon, Oliver, Eliza & Audrey  (Pictured below)

Karla, Kellen, Hudson, Kai & Jett  (Pictured below)