Product Guide

Leggings: Our leggings are a fitted straight pant (like tights), with a separate waistband and ankle cuffs.  They can be made all in one fabric, or have a different contrasting print/color for the waistband and/or ankle cuffs, as per the specific product listing's details.


Joggers:  Drop crotch, roomy around the butt and thighs, then the legs taper in as they go down to the ankle cuffs.  These are full-length


Hoodies:  These handmade hoodies are a raglan-style with an oversized lined hood.  Sleeves are long with cuffs at the wrist, and the overall body has a separate waistband at the bottom.  Fabric can be anything from a lightweight knit jersey to a heavier weight sweatshirt knit - see individual product for the fabric type.


Cropped Joggers: Similar to the fit of our regular joggers, but a shorter length.  These are made to end in length somewhere between below the knee, to above the ankle (depending on the length/height of the babe).


Rompers: Our regular rompers are full length, with long sleeves, and the length goes down to ankle cuffs.  They are overall a loose fit through the body and have a slightly dropped crotch.  They are made with stretchy knit fabrics, and are put on through the neck hole like pants.

Tank Rompers: The tank rompers are similar to our regular rompers, but have no sleeves, and are 3/4 length, instead of full length overall.  Depending on the child's height, they end up around capri-length.


Shorties: Our shorties are short shorts, perfect for littles to wear in the Spring and Summer. (Or wear with tights or leg warmers in the fall).  They have a separate waistband, and tiny cuffs at the bottom of the leg section.  They are not slim fit, but not loose either.  They end mid thigh to show some of that cute baby thigh we all adore.

Shorts: These are a little longer than our shorties, making them appropriate for baby/toddler boys, or also could be gender neutral.  They have the same features as the shorties, but go down a little longer - ending lower than the thigh, through to mid knee, deepening on the babe's height/length.

Swim Shorts: Our swim shorties are similar to our regular shorties in style, but they are made in swimsuit material blends of nylon and lycra.

Kimonos: Our kimonos are lightweight and flowy.  Made to fit loosely to be worn over a tee, dress, or as a swim or sunsuit cover up.  They come in mommy sizes too.


Infinity Scarves: Our infinity scarf bibs are approximately 40" in length & between 5-6" in width. They are made to be looped twice around your babe's neck & feature a double snap closure for easy put on & take off. Our mommy infinity scarves are made as one big circle to be looped around twice.  The width is approximately 8”, and the lengths vary with size.  See our size guide for measurements.

Slouchy Hats: Our slouchy hats are made from soft and stretchy fabrics for a very comfortable fit.  They are made to have some “slouch” at the back, so are longer, and looser than typical beanies.  They also can be made all in the one print/fabric, or half in one fabric and half in another fabric.

Tie Headbands: Our tie headbands are one long piece, which are made to be tied in a double knot on top of the head. They are stretchy and come in 3 babe sizes and a mommy size.


Sunsuits: Our sunsuits have a comfortable one piece fit. It has an open back with covering over the diaper. Thin elastic around the leg holes ensure a fit around all sizes of baby thighs. There are no snaps at the diaper area. The halter neck tie is made from our tie headbands. It can be adjusted to tie in the back or the front.  It can also be removed and replaced with any other tie headband by simply bunching the neck loop together and slipping it through or using a safety pin to guide it through the length.


Tees, Tanks & screen-printed apparel: Our tees & tanks are bought from various wholesalers, and then we screen print on them with water-based, infant safe inks.  Sizes, fits, and fabric blends vary slightly from product to product, and brand to brand, so please see each individual product listing for specific details on it.


Patchwork Blankies: Our patchwork blankies are 30”x30” in size, with 16 patchwork squares in total.  No two blankies look the same, and patches on each blankie can vary, depending on current fabric in stock in the theme/color scheme you have chosen.  The patchwork side of the blankie is 100% cotton, and the reverse can be either soft, warm, plush fleece fabric, or a light weight soft cotton knit blend.  Bigger, or custom blankies can be ordered by emailing us at:


Fabrics we use & care recommendations:

Brushed polyester - Brushed poly is knit fabric that’s either brushed on one side (single brushed) or on both sides (double brushed). The brushed side feels very soft and amazing  Brushed poly is stretchy and super comfy. Wash on warm or cold & hang dry or tumble dry. Don't iron.

Hacci - Hacci is a stretchy sweater knit fabric made with a polyester/spandex blend.  It comes in different weights (light, medium, heavy), so look to the individual product listing for weight details.  Wash on cold & tumble dry or lay flat to dry (if you hang sweater knits they may stretch out).

Cotton Blend - We use cotton spandex/lycra blends.  100% cotton is not stretchy, so that is why we have to use a blend, so that there is some stretch and comfort. Cotton blends are soft but not as soft or flow as some of the other knits we use.  Wash in warm or cold water & dry on low or hang to dry. Separate like colors from whites to prevent dye bleeds. Iron: medium or steam.

French Terry -  Most of our French Terry items are a poly rayon spandex blend and can be light to medium weight.  One side of the fabric has "loops" on it and the other is smooth.  FT has some stretch but not nearly as much as our other knit fabrics above.  Wash on cold & tumble dry or lay flat to dry.  To prevent pilling- wash the garment inside out. Iron: turn inside out & use "rayon" setting.