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Spice Stripes Romper (Long or Short Sleeve Options Available)

Super cute "spice stripes" rompers.  Why spice?  Coz the colors remind us of some staple spices - turmeric (yellow) and paprika (orange).  Choose from short or long sleeve options.  Grab your fave, or else both, coz they're different enough and both so darn cute!

Choose from "Turmeric" - a yellow and almost black stripe full length romper with solid black sleeves and neckband; or "Paprika" - an orange and charcoal stripe full length romper with charcoal sleeves and neckband.

Our rompers are made to go on like pants- slip the whole body (feet first) through the easy stretch neck band.  These rompers are made from brushed poly knit and interlock cotton knit fabrics.

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