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Oh My Tie Dye Romper (5 color options)

We're back strong on the tie dye game with this Spring/Summer's tie dye tank rompers! We have 5 fun versions for you to pick from. (But to be honest- you're going to want all of them we think)! 

The 5 color ways we have are: Seafoam, Lava Lamp. Multicolor, Desert Night and Granite.

The Seafoam is mix of teal, turquoise, jade, white, and all shades in between and the fabric is a super soft double brushed polyester (DBP) knit.
The Lava Lamp is a mix of white, black, red, pink, and a bunch of shades in between and also a DBP knit.
The Multicolor is exactly what that suggests- multiple colors! This DBP fabric has yellow, green, blue, pink, and then mixes through the overlap of those colors. Some of the fabric runs are more neon and some more bold. The fun thing about this one is we make it with no set front or back, so if there is a side you prefer more than the other you can use that as the front, and the other as the back. But please note- we cannot guarantee if one romper has more of a certain color than another- they are all random and unique.
The Desert Night is a mix of yellow, black, white and brown tones. The fabric for this one is a rayon spandex, so lightweight and stretchy but not the "brushed" feel like the DBP ones. The placement and color mixes on these vary significantly for each romper. But like the multicolor- there is no specific front or back on these, so you can switch up how it is worn each time!
And lastly the Granite is a white and grey marbled tie dye print on DBP perfect for when you're little is feeling all the monochrome vibes.

They are a tank top 3/4 length romper. They are created so your babe can step (or slide) feet first through the neck hole with no snaps or zippers to hassle with!

Size guide:

Shoulder to cuff; collar to crotch; chest width in inches.

0-3m- 15; 12; 7.5

3-6m- 16; 13.5; 8.5

6-12m- 18.5; 15; 9

12-18- 20.5; 16; 10

18-24m- 21.5; 17; 10.5

2t- 23; 18; 11.5

3t- 25; 20; 12

4t- 27; 21.5; 12.5

5t- 29; 22.5; 13.5

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